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As a manufacturer’s representative, we partner with diverse clients. Depending on your needs, we operate as a produce broker, meat broker, specialty food broker, or grocery broker. Whether you’re looking for a seafood broker or a coffee broker, a gourmet food broker or a beverage broker, Savino can represent you.

Savino serves small-, medium-, and large-sized manufacturers who already have a well-established market, infrastructure, and safety protocols. Whether or not your company is staying current with new retail solutions, big data, and omni-channels, Savino can help you build a roadmap to get to the next level with Walmart and Sam’s Club. If you’re looking for adequate shelf space, we will help prove on-site representation. Let our years of experience in retail analysis, help your business capitalize on sales opportunities. Our team also possesses the local knowledge that drives accurate forecasts. Once your product is on the shelves, we drill down into the data of customer shopping patterns and preferences.

We love to see our clients succeed. Let us use our extensive market experience to maximize your retail sales. Contact us to start a conversation about how Savino can take your business to the next level.

Grow Your Business With Savino